Mission of The Youth Tribe

The Youth Tribe's Mission:

  1. To provide a platform for educating youth in schools and in communities about swimming, biking and running. 

  2. To incentivize participation in triathlon through programming and technologies to motivate youth.

  3. To facilitate youth multi-sport events in the Midwest by hiring 3rd party entities to produce events on behalf of The Youth Tribe.

be a champion of youth triathlon

In order to reach our funding goal for 2018 The Youth Tribe is looking to partner with individuals and businesses looking to advance the mission of The Youth Tribe and ensure youth triathlon events continuing forward. If you know of a great champion for our sport, write in and let us know. Together, we'll continue build a tradition for the future. 

Join Our Movement

The Youth Tribe is run by an all volunteer board of passionate individuals committed to continuing the sport of triathlon for the next generation. Are you interested in taking on a role within The Youth Tribe? We're looking for willing individuals to help us in recruiting sponsors, applying for grants, and taking leadership roles at races. Shoot us a message and let us know you're stepping up!