Bringing Triathlon To A New Generation.

Youth triathlon has a storied history throughout the Midwest hosting the largest youth triathlon series in the world in 2013 + 2014 and the IronKids National Championships from 2010-2014

The Youth Tribe exists in order to ensure that youth triathlon events and education throughout the Midwest continues for another generation of athletes to come. 

Our 2019 Youth Triathlon Series

We're thrilled to announce that in 2018 The Youth Tribe has partnered with the RipRoar Youth Triathlon Series to bring a calendar of events to the Midwest for youth ages 6-15 to participate in. Athletes can register for each event individually or sign up for a season pass to spend their summer racing in youth triathlon. 

Supporting the Mission of The Youth Tribe

Over the past decade the Midwest has been a hub for youth triathlon around the nation. However, in order to ensure that the sport continues for youth for another generation, the need to act is becoming more urgent. Youth triathlon education simply doesn't exist in any curriculum throughout the midwest. Without a baseline understanding of the sport, less and less youth are participating in race. As participation dwindles, events are no longer able to financially sustain and each year the number of youth triathlon events decreases. This cycle has led to where we are today, facing the reality that without major action on the part of individuals and businesses youth triathlon in the Midwest simply won't exist going forward.



Youth triathlon might be a niche sport, but it fills a very important niche. More than any other youth sport, triathlon is teaching tenacity and developing determination through the challenge of swimming, biking and running. 

Youth triathlon offers the same opportunity and challenge to all that cross it's start lines.

Every child plays. Every child achieves. 


In-SChool Education 

One of the greatest barriers to entry to the sport of triathlon is simply understanding the sport. For 3 years, The Youth Tribe has provided educational programming in select schools to teach elementary aged youth the fundamentals of multi-sport. Our specially designed curriculum is available for free to all schools wishing to adopt The Youth Tribe's programming and comes with a coaching session for teachers or instructors. 



Mentoring first-Time Triathletes

In 2019 The Youth Tribe will be joining together with The RipRoar Youth Triathlon Series to support a network of mentors within the communities we're hosting our events. Mentors are a key component to expanding youth triathlon as they  provide group training sessions, answer email questions of both parents and athletes, and give support and help on race day to support first-time triathletes. 

In exchange for their support of first-time triathletes mentors, receive a scholarship designated for use in health and wellness during their continued education. To date, previous mentor scholarships have been used to purchase commuter bikes for campus, fitness memberships, wilderness rescue certifications and more. 

Mentor nomination is now open and will close on April 1, 2020.

2019 Mentors


Lilly Brophy


Cadyn Niemeyer


Makenna Seghers

Carson Deichman